May 20, 2024

If you want cottage warm vibes in your kitchen, a vintage, cosy feel whenever you step in to cook, elegant and eye-catching designs with stone arches, intricate mosaics, rich ornate wood; Tuscan kitchen is your vision coming to life! 

Tuscan kitchen designs originated in Italy. Usage of playful colors, natural materials, creative patterns are some defining features of a Tuscan kitchen design. Tuscan kitchens reflect country ease, rustic elegance and are extremely functional as well. 

If you are here; you certainly must have given a thought to adding Tuscan elements to your kitchen space or having an entirely Tuscan design! 

Here are a few ideas you can incorporate in your new Tuscan kitchen!

A] Dip into color 

The traditional Tuscan colors are usually warm red, olive green, gold, deep brown and sky blue. You can either stick to these or choose your own to jazz up your space. It is recommended you stick to warmer colors than cool ones as warm colors are a defining feature of Tuscan designs. Let your kitchen have fearless colors whether it is a dab on the backsplash or spread all over the kitchen! 

B] Mix and match 

When you put together your kitchen; it is a good idea to mix and match elements. Traditional Tuscan kitchens were never in a fixed design; by default, they have been put together over time; sometimes spanning generations! So; let your cabinets have raised-panel doors, carved columns, regal corbels. Pick chairs and countertops with different finish and recreate a lived-in look! 

C] Interior blend 

It might sound wild to use outdoor materials like weathered wood posts, antique bricks, and rough-hewn stone to make up your kitchen; but the outcome you might derive from these can be staggering! 

Additionally, being candidly natural; the outdoor materials will be more durable and have a long life as they are resistant to extreme conditions. 

D] Make it modern 

If you are inclined to have more contemporary look; Tuscan designs are still an option for you! This is the perfect blend of old and new! You can pair up white subway tiles, minimal cabinetry, and sleek furniture with Tuscan elements like exposed ceiling beams, salvaged wood and old bricks! 

You can play with patterns, include ceilings, add special touches! Let Armoires En Gros stun you with their in-stock collections of Tuscan designs! Choose or create a Tuscan design. Embrace the odds of nature and bring a small part of Italy to your home!