July 23, 2024

First things first, what a hotel concierge service is, and how can one improve that. Let us try to crystallize this broad concept in the following section.

A hotel concierge can be taken as the first point of contact between the hotel and the guests. The primary job of a concierge is to assist guests with all queries that they have. Some of the duties undertaken by a hotel concierge are answering guest inquiries, directing phone calls, acquiring tickets for events, preparing and displaying beverage options, making dinner reservations, and so on.

Every hotel must work to improve the hotel concierge service. And here are some insights from our experts.

Improving on the hotel concierge service is no rocket science. There are plenty of effective ways to improve it on the go. All you must do is to tweak a few processes and you can easily impress your guests.

Here are certain points that you must keep in mind:

  1. Automate documentation and mundane tasks: Your hotel concierge has to undergo a lot of documentation and he or she might feel fatigued out of this daily routine. They are so tired that when it comes to improving the guest experience, they are barely paying attention to it. The solution: Hire a virtual assistant for them. An AI bot can easily guide the guests with the right directions or answer generic queries easily, so there isn’t any need for human to keep him busy here.
  2. Training is crucial: The most important role of a hotel concierge is to create a solid first impression on the guest. So, when you hire a new person in your staff, you should make sure that the concierge knows to offer the expected hospitality to the guests. So, an usher must set the first impression right. There are various ways to train your new staff. Use the latest training techniques and just go for it.
  3. Enhanced guest communication: Your hotel concierge must talk to your guests with confidence. At the same time, the concierge should follow-up with your guests in a humble way. So, it is important to train your team of concierges to improve their soft-skills. A concierge is required to talk to your guests the whole day and thus, he should know to put forward his words in a positive way.
  4. Analyze and determine the demand of guests: All the guests come to your hotel and they all have subjective motives. While it is not possible to cater to all the whims and fancies of a guest, you should at least try to tend to most of them. You can do so by training your concierges. The concierge must talk to the guests and he should try to find out what the guest needs. If there are specific needs that can be tended to, you should make all the efforts to do so. Talking to the guests will give you a clear understanding of how and why guest preferences are changing.

Besides all these things, you should maintain safety and cleanliness in the facility. You should keep stock of wholesale safety supplies as these items will ensure that your guests feel safe staying at your facility. Cleanliness will indirectly improve the mood of your guests and they will come back to you again.