July 23, 2024

Introduction –

Many people are there who love whiskey. If you are also one of them, then you should know that appropriate storage of whisky is the key to enjoying your drink, which has no altered taste. Whiskey is costly, so it is very important to ensure that you store it in a manner that will preserve its quality and flavour. One of the main queries which people mostly ask is whether whiskey can go bad? So, the answer for the same is a NO. As long as you don’t open the lid and it is stored properly, the whisky will be just fine. However, it cannot be said that a whisky will not change over time. Whiskey comprises of multi-faceted spirit and its flavour can be affected by everything ranging from the type of barrel it was aged to length of the time it was stored in the bottle. So, if you are still wondering whether the old bottle of whisky is any good, then the answer is yes.

Sunlight and Whiskey

To learn more about wine and beverage coolers, click on the link referenced here above. Also, if you leave a bottle of whisky that has been opened in less than perfect condition, i.e., less than ideal condition, then it can absolutely begin to taste wrong. Let’s look at how whisky turns bad. The fact is that whisky will never really spoil. You will not get sick when a whiskey has been consumed by you which was kept in poor condition. However, what you will see is that the flavour of the whisky will begin to deteriorate, as well as the colour, which will be in less than perfect condition. The two biggest culprits that spoils the whiskey or whiskey goes bad is sunlight and oxygen. After being opened, a bottle of whisky that has been exposed to direct sunlight will start to lose its flavour and lighten in colour. It is due to the fact that sunlight will begin to disrupt the molecular structure of the liquor, causing it to become weaker and evaporate.

Prevent Oxidation of Whiskey Bottle –

It is also important that you store your whisky in a dark place, like a closet or cabinet, to make sure that it stays flavourful and strong. Now, let’s look at the combination of whisky and oxygen. One of the biggest enemies of whisky is oxidation, or oxygen. When oxygen reacts with whiskey, it starts to disrupt the molecules that give whisky its distinct taste and smell. After some months, the oxidation shall have a negative impact noticeably, on the flavour of your whiskey. One of the best ways to prevent whisky from oxidising is to store your open bottles of sealed whisky properly. You can also pour your half-empty whisky bottles into a small decanter or bottle to reduce the headspace in the bottle and stop the exposure to oxygen and sunlight. You should never keep the bottle of whiskey or rum inside the fridge or beverage cooler or other kinds of wine chiller and others.