July 23, 2024

The microwave is the best way to prepare snacks or any quick meal. It provides a lot of convenience in anyone’s life. But if it suddenly stops working and starts malfunctioning, then you should first understand the signs that the device needs Microwave Repair Services – Top Appliance Repair or replacement. Let’s read the article until its end to learn about the signs that the microwave needs repair.

It Sounds Loud

The microwaves generally make a little noise. So, you can expect a loud hum or a soft roar from your microwave. But make sure the sound is not too loud. You should take it seriously when the sound increases gradually. If it’s making too much uw, then you should be aware that any of its mechanical parts are not working, so it’s making a sound like that. If the drive motor causes the soundtrack, you can repair it, but if it is the case of magnetron, you should replace it immediately.


It is common to find lingering smells from the microwave, but it should not produce any odor. The spill of previously cooked meals causes it. After cooking in the microwave, if there are any visible flaws, then clean it immediately. If the smell returns, it may be caused by any wire or plastic burnt inside. In that case, stop using it directly and call a professional repair service immediately.

The Turntable Is Not Spinning

Turntable not spinning is one of the most common problems in microwaves. The turntable ensures that the food is turning through the heating power and using the microwaves from the magnetron. The turntable comprises the most critical components: the drive motor, drive coupler,  plate, and roller guide. If the turntable is not spinning correctly, then it might be an issue with its components. So, try to fix them quickly with Top Appliance Repair help.

The Controls Are Not Working Properly

The microwave controls may stop working as the age of the microwave increases. The problem is common for microwaves with touchpads. If any of its buttons stop working, then the other will also be unresponsive after a few times. The problem is generally related to the control board, which is already worn out.

The Microwave Door Has A Problem

The microwave door contains radiation, so it plays a crucial step when working. If the door is closed correctly, it will signal that the appliance is ready to work. If you notice that the microwave is working even when the door is open, it is a sign that the door hook or the door release button is already broken. In that case, you should call a professional to work on your microwave door.


These all are the signs that your microwave needs repair or replacement. If you notice any of these signs, then fix them with professional help. They will suggest whether your microwave needs Microwave Repair Services or replacement.