July 23, 2024

Therefore, choosing the right decorative objects for your comfort and that of others is very important. Thus, carpets are increasingly used in interior decorations. He asks himself the question of how to choose his living room carpet so that it suits everyone.

Dimensions Or Sizes

Mats are available in several sizes. However, not all parts are the same size. It is, therefore, important to check the dimensions of the living room before choosing the living room rug. A small living room will not require a large rug. It is also recommended to leave the floor exposed in some places. This leads to another criterion.

The Desired Layout

Indeed, the layout and the sizes of the carpet such as carpets maidstone for example are linked. Under a piece of furniture, for example, you must arrange the rug so that it protrudes a few centimeters on either side. If you want a full-floor layout, the dimensions will not be the same as a partial one.

The Price

The price must indeed be in line with your budget, but it is even more obvious that you will benefit from taking high-quality living room rugs. It is better to pay for a carpet that can be used once for good. Changing it at any time risks becoming boring and very annoying. So choose quality carpets and plan your budget accordingly. This will save you money.


It was said above that the carpets must match the colors of the decor. Indeed, there must be a certain harmony between the sofas, curtains, and other equipment. It would be useless for a busy living room to take a carpet with too remarkable patterns. This means that the small living room rug would not be noticed for a large sofa, for example. Likewise, for a simple living room, you need a carpet with patterns that enhance the decoration and bring a special touch to the room.


Whether they are intended for space delimitation, room warming, or other uses, living room rugs must be able to adapt. If you want rugs for the long haul, there’s no need to find too fancy styles. The more the rugs are overloaded with patterns, the faster they go out of fashion. Opt for patterns that are not very simple and not very busy for a long time. You have noticed that vintage carpets continue to exist because of their almost neutral patterns.