April 12, 2024

Spring might still be pleasant weather for Texans, but the humidity is uncompromising. Summer is unforgiving, especially if the AC is not working optimally. Our AC repair in Dallas, Texas services ensure you do not face any issues with your air conditioning this summer. But how can you be sure whether you need air conditioner cleaning, repair, or replacement service?

The best way to do this is to inspect the air conditioning unit before summer begins. With Dallas’s unpredictable weather, the last thing you want is to sit at home sweating in the sweltering heat, and the fan is also failing to keep you cool. So, if you are in the dilemma of calling for an AC inspection and getting the AC repair in Dallas, Texas, before the summer, make the call. It is always better to be safe than sorry; in this case, stay in pleasant indoor weather rather than huff and puff due to the heat.

Prevention Is the Key

When you call AC cleaning services, they thoroughly inspect the air conditioning or the HVAC system. This can save a lot of money because inspection before summer can help identify if there are any issues with the system, and often, minor repairs when neglected, can lead to more significant problems. Worst of all, the AC breaks down in the middle of the summer, and you have to spend extra money for emergency AC repair in Dallas, Texas.

AC Servicing For Better IAQ

Winter brings in dry leaves, dust, dirt, and debris, while the spring is known for pollen flying everywhere. These enter the air ducts and vents of the HVAC system, and the indoor air circulates these in the rooms, leading to poor indoor air quality and increasing the risk of allergies and respiratory illness. With AC cleaning in Texas, where we will let you know whether all the ducts and vents need cleaning or just changing the filters, you can keep the IAQ at its best quality.

AC Cleaning Services to Expand the System’s Life

With scheduled AC servicing and inspection, you can increase the lifespan of the HVAC or Air Conditioning system. Often, minor issues, such as neglect or the air ducts not being cleaned for long, shorten the lifespan of the HVAC system. Ultimately, it results in either spending quite a lot of money for AC repair in Dallas, Texas, or replacing the unit with a new one.

Save On Energy Bills

Running an air conditioning system with clogged ducts and vents or leaked ducts means it fails to attain the set room temperature. It causes the HVAC system to overwork and the energy bill to go off the roof. So, if you are wondering why your energy bill has suddenly surged this spring, check it before the summer and call for AC repair in Dallas, Texas.

When to Know You Need Us for Your AC Repair in Dallas, Texas?

 Answer these questions.

  • Is the AC unit over ten years old and often breaks down or requires some repair service?
  • Is your home not comfortable enough like before despite the AC being on?
  • Does your home not get an equal temperature or lack balanced airflow?
  • Is there a constant noise from the unit?
  • Does the AC unit have ice formation outside?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need to get your AC repair service done. Mainly, if you reside in Dallas, TX, where the average temperature is over 90 degrees for at least 106 days a year and there is higher humidity, the lifespan of an AC unit is expected to be 10-15 years. But with scheduled annual maintenance and professional AC repair in Dallas, Texas, by us, Air Duct Clean Up, you can enjoy a longer lifespan with better IAQ at a cost-effective price.