June 14, 2024

When it comes to carpeting, there are two categories; handmade and machine-made. Each type has its own significance that you need to know when buying.

Every handmade carpet is truly a work of art. You can add it to your home or pass it on to generations as a family heirloom. These carpets are the most beautiful and attractive pieces of art that work well in every décor. From living rooms to entrance halls, dining paces, bedrooms, kitchens, stairs, and even bathrooms, handmade carpets can liven up any space.

This guide will explore the significance of handmade carpets.

●       Durability

One of the primary reasons for the durability of handmade carpets is they are not made with adhesive or glue-like machine-made carpets. Each strand of silk or wool in a handmade carpet is looped around adjacent knots. Even after years of use, these carpets can still look good as new.

●       All Handmade Carpets are Naturally Dyed

Since ancient times till today, all handmade carpets are made using natural dyes of wool. No harmful compounds or chemicals are used in their making. This allows handmade carpets to retain their original colors for years. However, do keep these carpets out of sunlight as it can cause the colors to fade.

●       Their Value Increases as They Age

Do you have an old handmade carpet in your space? If so, you may have noticed that its value increases with time. And this is the main reason why handmade carpet is a preferred choice of today’s homeowners.

●       Cleaning And Maintenance

●       When it comes to cleaning, handmade carpets are relatively easier to clean than machine-made carpets. This is because; they are all made with natural fibers and do not contain any artificial material. Opting for handmade carpets means you are bringing fewer toxic materials into your home.

●       Red Color in Handmade carpets Symbolizes Courage

One of the most popular colors used in handmade carpets is red. But did you know what it symbolizes? It represents beauty and courage. From classical red Jaldar carpets to dark red Bokhara carpets, and red Mahal carpets, the color has a unique significance and charm of its own.

●       Come In Creative Designs

While machine-made carpets come in gorgeous designs, they do not offer the same creativity that artisans do. Why? This is because carpets are crafted in their mind rather than in a machine. Handmade carpets are always one of a kind. Artisans incorporate their creative ideas into the carpets and make them outstanding.

Hence, we’ve come up to the conclusion that handmade carpets are better than machine-made carpets, and for many reasons. However, they are a bit expensive so you cannot buy handmade carpets easily for every part of your home. Always remember that you often get what you pay for. Even though handmade carpets are expensive, they are worth the investment because of their superior quality and longevity. These carpets will last for decades with proper care and maintenance. And this is what makes their high pricing well worth it!