July 23, 2024

Whether you have lived in New York City before, visited as a tourist, or simply seen it on TV, you know there is only New York with Manhattan. The Manhattan skyline is world-famous, and the borough is synonymous with museums, art districts, Central Park, and yellow taxis. While Manhattan is one of the smaller boroughs in NYC with a high cost of living, it is the ultimate destination for the curious, fast-paced homeowner or renter. Here is a look at what life in Manhattan is like.  

Cost of Living in Manhattan

While small, Manhattan is the most expensive of New York’s boroughs. This does not mean there is no variety – homes for sale in a neighbourhood like the Upper West Side sell for a different price than homes for sale in Chelsea or Washington Square Park. If you wish to rent rather than buy your house, rent prices towards the North average $2,800 and get higher – nearly in the five-figure range – in neighbourhoods like the Upper East Side, West Village, and Central Park. 

If you prefer to buy, the median listing price of homes in Manhattan in 2024 is $1.6 million or $1,500 per square foot. Condos are the more common house type, and prices here range from $10.6 million for a 4-bedroom apartment to $967,979 for a studio apartment.

Most Important Manhattan Neighborhoods

Manhattan is home to several neighbourhoods, and where you live will ultimately depend on your needs. If you love art, culture, and museums, the Upper East Side is a perfect location. It also boasts excellent private schools and easy access to Central Park, making it family-friendly. 

Greenwich Village, on the other hand, is where you go when you want tranquil beauty. The community boasts some of the most picturesque cobblestone streets and classic homes with stoops.

That said, if you want a melting pot of cultures and homes, consider moving to Chelsea. The Chelsea residential homes palette is a mix of row houses, townhouses, city housing projects, apartments, and tenements. The area is known for its social diversity, sizeable LGBTQ population, and extensive art culture, with over 200 galleries in the area.

Meanwhile, the Upper West Side features legendary charm and wealthy homes in the pre-war style. The East Village is fun and grunge, with slightly lower home prices and a more laid-back feel.

Life in Manhattan

Manhattan is a bustling city, and the lifestyle here is fast-paced. This means you should be prepared for the hustle and bustle of living in the city, with all the human interaction and public transit convenience that entails. Manhattan is also a cultural and artistic hub, and you can look forward to great music, art, sports, a rich culture, fantastic food, and other modern conveniences.  

Explore NYC Homes for Sale with Smitha Ramchandani

You may know Manhattan as the setting for Friends, but there is so much more to this small but vibrant borough. If you are considering moving here and mainly living in Chelsea, contact Smitha Ramchandani today to discuss your housing needs and options. The Chelsea real estate market is perfect if you want cultural diversity, a wealthy art culture, and a wide range of housing options.